Why Us?

A cosy living environment. Contemporary design. Thoughtfully-designed features. These are just some of the things you can expect when you trust Atelier Design Studio with your interior design and renovation. Since 2015, Atelier has been delivering quality work to home owners who have their unique design needs.

Far from being just another renovation contractor, Atelier possesses the expertise to transform your home into a very liveable living space. Following a very thorough consulting process, Atelier gets down to work into what becomes the start of a process of self-discovery and elegant design. The result: A sleek, contemporary home, a physical manifestation infused with the diligent thought processes of Atelier’s creative team and its understanding of space management, aesthetics and functionalities.

Welcome to your great, brand new home.

Jim – Design Director & Interior Designer

Our Story

How Did It All Start?

It all started when Jim Lim, the Founder and Design Director of Atelier Design Studio, took an interest in interior design and carpentry. Jim is an engineer by training, having graduated with a Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle. Following his graduation, Jim worked as an engineer in various companies from 2002 to 2010, starting with the position of a junior engineer and rising through the ranks.

The change in Jim’s career came when he joined a small interior design firm as an interior design assistant. In 2013, the entrepreneurial bug bit him and he entered into a partnership. Two years later, it was time for Jim to set up his own company and Atelier Design Studio was born. Since 2015, Atelier has provided quality interior design and renovation services to homeowners. Atelier also possesses special expertise in carpentry, which results in the company being able to provide customised storage solutions for its customers.

Jim’s training as an engineer has certainly proved advantageous in his business. As a result of his exposure to the technical side of things, Jim possesses a keen eye for details. He personally oversees the important technical aspects of the design process, such as electrical planning and shelf loading calculations. Satisfied homeowners appreciate Jim’s meticulous attention to detail and his expertise in such areas as space management and mood creation.

Today, Atelier Design Studio has moved beyond interior design and renovation. Jim and his team now also provide elegant fittings that complement homeowners’ kitchens, including such items as retractable dish racks and soft-closing drawers. Atelier is also proud to carry its own door hinges, which come under the “Honest” brand.

Company Vision

To be the provider of the most customer-centric interior design solutions and the most innovative home furniture products in Singapore.

Company Mission

  • To provide innovative products aligned with the fast-changing lifestyle trends in Singapore.
  • To grow a customer-centric team of designers and project managers who possess the right attitude.
  • To have a strong team that believes in delivering designs that are beautiful yet practical.
  • To build long term relationships with our clients who constantly refer friends and families to us.
  • To be committed to deliver after-sales service until our clients are 100% satisfied.

Company Core Values

Customer Centric – We take the time to find out what you want. We add value to your desired design with our innovative recommendations and delight you with our quick problem resolution.

Integrity – We highly value your trust in us, hence we make sure we deliver what we promise at all times. We believe in doing the right thing and being honest with the homeowners.

Commitment – We devote our time and energy relentlessly to ensure you walk into your dream space at the end of the project.

Humility – We believe in constant improvement and learning. We value your feedback as it helps us grow.

Innovation – We always offer you value in the form of new ideas and innovations in our solutions and designs.

Communication – Hearing your thoughts and ideas are important to us. We believe in constant communication to ensure alignment and we are honoured to be part of your journey.

Teamwork – Our team works as one. We leverage each other’s strengths and we strive towards the common goal of keeping our customers happy. We advocate a culture of mutual support, motivation, helping newcomers to grow and sharing of knowledge.

Our Featured Partners


Jim Lim


With his Process Engineer background and eye for detail, Jim is able to understand and articulate clients’ needs. While some homeowners already have a good idea of what they need, some don’t. Through a series of questions, Jim is able to identify their needs and recommend solutions accordingly.

Being someone who places customers’ interests before his own, Jim always endeavours to be responsive and take the initiative to inform owners about things they don’t already know. Jim is a good listener and does not hesitate to only meet but even manage clients’ expectations. Owing to his experience and contacts in the industry, Jim is able to source for the most good-for-value items so as to be able to help clients achieve cost savings while maintaining quality. This is in line with Jim’s personal design principle: To achieve practical solutions and to achieve cost savings. Where possible, Jim will suggest the redeployment of certain items in other areas of the apartment.

This personal, customer-centric approach is not limited to Jim only. Jim has actively ingrained his values into the company’s culture. This allows Atelier Design Studio to work effectively with not just its clients but its partners and subcontractors. Being a small company, Atelier Design Studio is agile and flexible and is able to accommodation changes from its clients.

Atelier Design Studio aims to provide a cosy, liveable space for homeowners.

    Brian Chan

    Creative Partner

    Brian Chan assists Jim Lim in the creative aspects of Atelier’s business. In this position, Brian contributes his design skills to the team and conceptualises ideas for new interior design projects.
    Brian’s strengths in conceptualisation and colour matching have their roots in his strong design fundamentals. Brian keeps himself abreast of trending styles in the interior design industry by reading and visiting showrooms. Before joining Atelier, Brian worked for several years in Atlantic Institute of Higher Learning as a School Manager.
    On top of his creative portfolio, Brian also assists in business development and operations. He assists Jim in the day-to-day running of the company, including such tasks as prospect identification and follow-up, sales, as well as project management.
    Brian has nine years of creative experience and has a Diploma in Moving Images with specialisation in Animation from Temasek Polytechnic. Brian also graduated from Feng Zhu Design School with a Diploma in Industrial Design.

      Mr Shun Pooi Lam

      Project Operations Manager

      Mr Shun is a Project Operations Manager in Atelier. In this position, Mr Shun has oversight of all operations and renovation work. He executes the creative plans and manages the entire renovation process, from the building of structures to the purchase of accessories.

      Mr Shun also handles various concurrent processes to ensure the smooth and seamless running of projects and that milestones are met.

      Upon the completion of projects, Mr Shun captures the renovation work via photographs and videos and ensures customers’ needs have been met and even exceeded.

      Prior to joining Atelier, Mr Shun worked as a Technical Officer for the former Singapore Broadcasting Corporation, where he oversaw quality control for broadcast programming. Mr Shun brings a wealth of technical expertise to Atelier, where he has an important role in developing backend capabilities.

      Mr Shun graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering.

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        With Jim

        • Get a personalized, one-of-a-kind design unique to your requirements
        • Highlight common problems you will likely encounter based on your house condition during renovation
        • Get an honest quotation on work with quality materials & after sales service


        Get A Free Consultation

        Get a Free Onsite Design Consultation With Our Design Director

        • Get a personalized, one-of-a-kind design unique to your requirements
        • Highlight common problems you will likely encounter based on your house condition during renovation
        • Get an honest quotation on work with quality materials & after sales service


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