The Metropolitan



Professional couple recently upgraded their home, moving from their suburban residence to a more central property. However, the new home came with a host of problems. Atelier Design Studio was tasked to reconfigure the 2-bedroom condo with workable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Thus the sizeable balcony was enclosed and converted to the dining area with a foldable glass curtain, sealing it but still allows a breath-taking vista of the area and the harbour beyond from their 30th level perch.

Similarly, the problematic laundry area was re-worked with a window that could shut, thus keeping things dry when it rained unlike the open space it was before.  The added retractable laundry rack made the space both user-friendly and convenient.

A store room was converted into a cosy room for the helper with a raised cabinet from the floor and more built-in storage/wardrobe space on the wall.