Atelier Design Studio’s renovation and restoration services covers a full gamut of services needed to allow the plans made come into fruition. They cover dismantling work, dismantling work, restoration work, masonry and flooring works.

Dismantling work is concerned with the removal of existing fixtures in the home (kitchen cabinets, false ceiling, wall tiles, floor tiles) so that the company can proceed to install the new fixtures. During the dismantling process, Atelier Design Studio will take utmost care to minimise any inconvenience caused to the occupants.

Restoration work covers door restoration, wall erection, kitchen layout reconfigure more efficient. Restoration work also covers the installation of handles on the sides of a staircase to allow elderly occupants to navigate easily up and down the stairs. Such handles used to be made with timber but are now made of iron.

Renovation covers a wide area, like flooring, plumbing works, plumbing works, electrical works, painting works, mirror works, window works and carpentry.

Flooring is another aspect of renovation works. Broadly speaking, flooring can be classified into masonry works and parquet works. Masonry works refer to the laying of tiles on the walls and floor. Tiles used can be homogeneous tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles. In the case of toilet and kitchen wall and floor tiles, waterproofing material is used to ensure no water leakage. On the other hand, parquet works refer to the laying of parquet tiles to the floor. In such a procedure, the existing tiles are overlaid with parquet tiles. In some cases, the overlaying of tiles will call for the trimming of wooden doors, so that the doors will be able to swing easily above the newly-laid tiles. Sometimes, homeowners may request for floor extension. This means that the existing tile layout should be extended into an adjacent area, usually the balcony. Another aspect of flooring works is vinyl flooring. Vinyl tiles are overlaid onto the existing floor, then snapped into place by locking mechanisms.

Plumbing works in the kitchen and toilet work call for the installation of copper piping or stainless steel piping. Sanitaryware fittings are installed in the toilets to give them a complete look and render them functional. Electrical works refer to the wiring or rewiring of the whole house, including the installation of additional points, LAN points, ceiling fans and downlights.

Painting works give the whole house a fresh coat of paint after all other works are done, with a colour scheme of the owners’ choice. This gives the home a cosy feel that makes the owners want to come home every evening. Door works involves the changing of wrought iron main gate, aluminium slide and swing doors. It also covers the change of lockset, the varnishing of the timber doorframe and sliding door at kitchen entrance.

Mirror works refer to the installation of mirrors in the toilets, as well as the erection of shower screens (wall to wall, L shaped, casement, sliding).

Window works is another important area of renovation. Under this service, Atelier Design Studio installs various types of windows, like casement/sliding/push-out windows. It also installs additional products like the louver, window grilles, invisible grilles, fixed/casement windows and ventilation/exhaust fans, if needed.

Depending on the customers’ needs, Atelier Design Studio can install false ceiling and cove lights for the homeowner. These works give the apartment a special look and cosy feel.

Carpentry allows the homeowner to enjoy a set of furniture that can be customised to their needs. Atelier Design Studio provides customisation of shoe cabinets, TV consoles, adding shelves, kitchen cabinets, using various material like waterproofing boards, headboards and bedside tables.

Other works that Atelier Design Studio can provide are wall panelling (special wood trimming) and coloured glass backing (stove/sink area), roofing/awning works (installation of blinds and awnings).

Atelier Design Studio has a panel of preferred partners for accessories that complete the home. They comprise:

  • Kitchen accessories (Blum, Hafele, Excel, Honest)
  • Island cooking counter (waterproofing board, pull out basket)
  • Tabletop (granite, quartz kitchen tabletop)
  • Pull down dish rack

Whichever works that the homeowner prefers, Atelier Design Studio will try its best to match the owners’ needs. With design ideas and 3D proposals & drawings, as well as endorsement from Professional Engineers, Atelier Design Studio strives to provide the best service possible to its clients.

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Get a Free Onsite Design Consultation With Our Design Director

  • Get a personalized, one-of-a-kind design unique to your requirements
  • Highlight common problems you will likely encounter based on your house condition during renovation
  • Get an honest quotation on work with quality materials & after sales service


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